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Communications Committee

The Communications Committee alerts members and other interested parties about upcoming events which might provide information and advice to help professionals further their careers in electronic reporting and transcribing. The Committee also serves to build excitement in the reporting and transcribing field and to promote AAERT as the premier association for digital reporting and transcribing. 

The Communications Committee uses the AAERT website, our social media sites, our quarterly newsletter and email messaging to market all of our programs. The Committee oversees the website, newsletter, and social media platforms.

Committee projects and tasks may include:

  • Maintaining the branding for AAERT, including the website, social media, and the newsletter
  • Monitoring the website for content, appearance and quality
  • Exploring ways to make effective use of social media
  • Developing a list of subjects/topics/titles for articles in newsletter 

Committee members can expect to commit about 3 – 4 hours each month to Committee activities.

Committee members are required to be AAERT members in good standing.

Committee members are encouraged to attend the AAERT Annual Conference.

Committee Chair:

Any further questions can be directed to aaert@aaert.org or 518-432-9973.

If you would like to join a committee, fill out the application here.

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