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Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee champions volunteer leadership in AAERT and supports initiatives that cultivate, recruit, and orient volunteer member-leaders for the association. Its work supports AAERT’s strategic objectives by working to ensure effective governance, leadership, communication, and coordination of policies and procedures for leadership.

Members of the Committee help to:

  • Liaison with AAERT committee chairs to understand skills, experience and connections needed
  • Identify, recruit and vet prospects for committee and board positions that fill the roles needed in each
  • Identify additional volunteer roles to engage members in events, activities and the organization
  • Work with management to promote the value of volunteering and leadership as a way to advance the profession and career
  • Work with management to ensure all committee members are oriented to assignments and have completed confidentiality agreements

The Leadership Development Committee will work collaboratively with other committees to provide leadership development opportunities. Committee members can expect to commit about one hour of their time per week to committee related activities and are encouraged to attend the AAERT Annual Conference.

Committee members are required to be AAERT members in good standing and must hold an AAERT certification.

Leadership Development
Committee Chair

Jay Gross, CER

Any further questions can be directed to aaert@aaert.org or 518-432-9973.

If you would like to join a committee, fill out the application here.

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