1. Your Business/Occupation –
    I have been an independent contractor transcriber since 2010 and a proofreader/editor since 2014. I received my Certified Electronic Transcriber certification in 2014. Currently, I am an independent contractor with Access Transcripts, Inc.
  2. Our Industry.
    A. How would you describe the challenges and opportunities that our industry faces (in the Court, Agency, Deposition markets)? B. What do you see as the challenges and opportunities?

    I see many opportunities in our industry, especially for transcribers. The market is always changing. As more and more courts are being forced to switch over to electronic records and, most recently, completely telephonic hearings, a certified transcriber helps ensure that transcripts of the record are clean and accurate. AAERT is a big proponent of ensuring that transcribers are ready to meet that task head on. AI has added a new layer, but transcribers who take pride in their work and maintain excellence will continue to have work for years to come.
  3. Reason(s) To Run.
    A. What is/are the reason(s) you decided to run for the board?
    Transcribers/proofreaders/editors are the last step of an accurate record. I feel this important part of our industry should be well represented on our Board, and I would love the opportunity to continue working with the Board and fill that spot.
    B. Whom and what do you want to impact? I want to impact transcribers the most. I’d love see high school students have the opportunity to learn about transcription so they can see this industry as a viable career. I want to see a dialog with our court reporters so we can create a team effort in ensuring the best quality recordings and transcripts possible. I’d like to show value in membership and certification so more transcribers will seek us out.
  1. Your Goal.
    A. If you had a mandate—board authorization, financial resources,
    member support—what do you want to do?
    I’d love to create a mentorship program where new transcribers/proofers and reporters can be paired with an experienced corporate member and receive training and preparation for their certification test.
    B. How would you improve the capabilities of our members (reporters, transcribers, proofreaders, videographers, business owners and executives).
    Mentorship is how I started, and I am passionate about learning in this way. Mentorship is a win/win. The mentee receives much needed training from a member who has been in the industry and knows what the requirements are. The mentor receives a trainee that is ready to be molded into the model contractor. At the end of the mentoring period, the contractor would have the opportunity to continue contracting with the mentee and in doing so retain a contractor that already knows the requirements for their business.
  1. Involvement.
    A. How long have you been a member?
    I have been a member ten years
    B. How many conferences have you attended? I’ve attended six in person conferences, three virtual conferences.
    C. Do you plan to attend this year’s conference? Yes
  2. Experience.
    A. What has been your leadership experience?

    I was asked to be part of the AAERT Membership Committee in 2018, and in 2019, I became Chair of the Committee. In 2020, I became chair of the Grading Committee where I have continued to serve. In 2021, I became chair of the newly formed Finance Committee. I chaired the Nomination Committee in 2022. I have served as Treasurer since 2021. For 13 years, I was a member of the leadership team of my church that was responsible for choosing the curriculum, designing the set, ordering materials, and putting in place schedules for Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, and nursery workers.
    I also homeschooled my four children for 21 years. In addition to choosing their curriculum each year, I was responsible for staying on top of the homeschool laws and submitting the legal paperwork for the state. I had to break down each subject into daily bite-sized tasks to ensure that each child could learn at their own rate but still meet the state requirements for graduation and then go on to excel at the college of their choice.
    B. Do you have experience as a board member of a non-profit organization?
    For four years (2015-2019), I served as the Secretary/Treasurer for the South Dakota Assemblies of God Girlfriends (Women’s Ministry). I was responsible for keeping the minutes of the meetings, maintaining the books, and filing two financial reports annually. In addition, as a board member, I participated in organizing two large annual events (a conference and a luncheon) that served between 75 and 150 women in South Dakota.
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