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CEUs & Recertification

Recertification Process

Once a member earns a designation, AAERT requires the certified individual to recertify every three (3) years and to be a member in good standing during the 3 years to maintain their designation.

RECERTIFICATION SPECIAL – If your credential has lapsed within the last five (5) years, now is the time to renew it with this special offer from AAERT. $400 gets your credential reinstated PLUS a one-year AAERT membership AND a FREE 5 (1-hour) LMS based CEU course to kick-off your next recertification cycle needs. NO previous CEUs are required to take advantage of this special offer.

To recertify, certified members must submit 3.0 CEU credits every three (3) years and submit the Recertification Form with the $100 Recertification Fee. Any certified member who fails to recertify by the deadline assigned to their certification will lose their designation and will be removed from our certified member list.


Ways to Earn CEUs

Here are some ways to earn CEUs. See Program Rules and FAQ to learn what is considered an approved CEU.

AAERT Involvement

  • AAERT Conference Attendance: .10 CEU per hour
  • Speak or Present at an AAERT or Industry Meeting: .25 CEU per session
  • Writing an Article for AAERT (For use in the Sound Bytes newsletter or for social media.): .25 CEU per article
  • Actively holding an AAERT Committee position: .25 CEU per year

Margie Holds Court

This has offers for Recorded Online Webinars. Always be sure to purchase the webinar that offers you a certificate at the end showing your CEU for processing.

Universal Class

This site offers many CEUs that we will accept, and the prices are very reasonable. The key here is that you need to purchase the sessions that offer you a written CEU report (certificate) upon completion of the session. Example, Writing Basics 101 for $90 for 2.9 CEUs.


BlueLedge is a legal classroom and a leader in online training for legal professionals. When you complete the course, make sure to keep the certificate at the end. The following courses are offered for CEU credit:

  • Transcription English, Grammar, and Punctuation: .50 CEUs
  • Numbers in Transcripts: .15 CEUs
  • Capitalization: .15 CEUs
  • Ethics & Professionalism in Court Reporting: .20 CEUs
  • Formatting Legal Transcripts in MS Word: .40 CEUs
  • Understanding Sound and Microphones: .30 CEUs
  • Life Cycle of a Case: .10 CEUs
  • Legal System: .30 CEUs
  • Working with a Legal Videographer: .10 CEUs
  • General Transcription Terminology: .30
  • CEUs Improving Your Speed and Accuracy: .80 CEUs
  • Transcription Basics: 1.5 CE

The Court Reporting Academy

The Court Reporting Academy was created with the philosophy of combining today’s best court reporting industry skills development practices with new skills required to master the industry’s emerging digital technologies.

  • Digital Scoping: 3.5 CEUs – The Court Reporting Academy is an AAERT-approved online educational platform with a focus on teaching the latest technology for digital reporting and transcription.  The following course is designed to usher in the new process of producing final transcripts from an ASR, rough-draft generated transcript.

Diversified Consultations

Founded in 1995, Diversified Consultations is a training and support organization that focuses on the training and support needs of technology-driven individuals and organizations.

  • Customizing the Word Environment to Streamline Transcript Creation: .10 CEUs
  • Word Editing Best Practices: .10 CEUs
  • Managing Paragraph, Page & Document Formatting in Word: .10 CEUs
  • Creating Transcript References: .10 CEUs
  • The following courses are listed as CEs and not CEUs.  Please read the information below before proceeding. 
  • A CE stands for Continuing Education, which is a contact hour of time. CEU stands for Continuing Education Unit. The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) defines a CEU as 10 contact hours of participation in an organized CE/T experience, delivered under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction. Therefore, 5 CEs equals .5 CEUs.

Lexical Continuing Education

792 Grey Rock Road
Norcross, GA 30093
(770) 270-6490

  • Expanded Vocabulary, Proofreading and Commonly Misspelled and Misused Words and Phrases (5 CEs)
  • Latin Words and Phrases (5 CEs)
  • Crossword I, General Knowledge (5 CEs)
  • Crossword II, Spelling (5 CEs)
  • Medical Terminology I & II (10 CEs each)
  • Legal Terminology II & III (10 CEs each)
  • Financial & Investment Terminology (10 CEs)
  • Punctuation/Quotations (10 CEs)

Absolute Reporting Court Reporting & Videograph

3050 Five Forks Trickum Rd
Suite D-566
Lilburn, GA 30047 (770) 736-8106

  • Fun with Medical Terminology (5 CEs)
  • Fun with Legal Terminology (5 CEs)
  • Fun with Legal Terminology II (5 CEs)
  • Fun with Forensics Terminology (5 CEs)

Superior Continuing Education, Inc.


  • Punctuation for Court Reporters (5 CEs)
  • Grammar for Court Reporters (5 CEs)
  • Upgrading Your Certification (5 CEs)
  • Taking Video Depositions (5 CEs)



  • Tutorial and Beginning Test (3 CEs)
  • Tutorial and Advanced Test (3 CEs)

Jeff Justice

This site offers various online seminars such as “Ethics, Grammar, Punctuation, and Humor,” along with “Transcripts, Stress and Difficult People.”

Emeritus Status

Any currently certified individual who reaches the age of 59 years of age AND has held their certification in good standing, meaning has been a member continuously, for a minimum of 6 years may apply for an EMERITUS STATUS with AAERT. To apply, the member must submit an essay (200 – 400 words) describing how their certification designation has helped them in their professional life and why they believe it’s important to maintain the designation(s). The essay must be submitted before their recertification due date, along with the Recertification Fee. Once approved, the applicant will receive a new CER® and / or CET® Certificate with no expiration date assigned.

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