Lisa Luciano has been a founding member/partner in Access Transcripts, LLC since 2013. She and her business partner have performed all tasks involved in starting and growing a  successful transcription agency, to include transcribing,  proofreading, marketing, accounting, tax preparation, government reporting, workflow distribution, employee on-boarding, and managing a top-notch team of subcontractors. 

Lisa is a lifelong New Jersey resident. She got into transcription through a friend in 2001, after working in the mortgage lending field for 15 years. Leaving her brick-and mortar job in early 2002 in order to pursue transcription full  time, Lisa then went on to attain her certification through the New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts as an Agency Transcriber in 2003, and then an Agency Director/Transcriber in 2005. Lisa also attained her AAERT CET in 2005.  

Lisa has enjoyed attending AAERT Executive Forums and Annual  Conferences, as well as serving on the Conference Committee and Education Committee for the past several years, and hopes to lend her expertise and enthusiasm to the board and to its membership.

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