The Communications Committee appoints members to serve on the Newsletter Subcommittee and oversees its work.

The Subcommittee works closely with the Central Office staff in developing and distributing the quarterly newsletter, Sound Bytes.

Specific duties of the Subcommittee might include:

  • Developing a schedule for and an outline of all content for future editions
  • Assigning writers/editors for each article
  • Assuring that deadlines are met
  • Editing all articles for content, credibility, grammar, writing style, spelling, accuracy and completeness
  • Providing all fully edited articles, along with a sense of the priority of those articles, to the Central Office staff for makeup. 
  • Proofing the composed newsletter and approving it for distribution

Subcommittee members  can expect to spend anywhere from 3 – 5  hours per month on newsletter  activities. Regularly scheduled virtual meetings may be held. Subcommittee members are encouraged to attend the AAERT Annual Conference. 

Subcommittee members are required to be AAERT members in good standing. Journalism, writing or editing experience is a plus.  

The Newsletter Editor is Laurel Stoddard, CET

Any further questions can be directed to or 518-432-9973. If you would like to join a committee, fill out the application here, and send the completed application to

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