I started my transcription career back in 1996 when I was six months pregnant with my first daughter. I wanted to stay home with my kids and make some “mad money” at the time. What started out as a side hustle, turned into a career. I know I know all about “feast or famine,” tennis AND golfer’s elbow, and the joy you feel when you complete a challenging transcript. Transcription was very, very good to me. And I still consider myself a transcriber at heart. 

But I was always very interested in the reporting side of the business. About four years ago the opportunity to train as a digital reporter came up and I immediately jumped in head-first. It was a dream come true! I worked for a large court reporting company for about two years before I came to Remote Legal. 

When I started working at Remote Legal I was the “chief cook and bottle washer” meaning I was the only digital reporter and transcriber the company had. Now a year and half later I have built the department to include 20 full-time digital reporters and approximately 30 transcribers. My passion is to train and equip my staff with the tools needed to provide a stellar in-deposition experience as well as a clear, verbatim transcript.

This is an exciting time in our profession. Things are progressing rapidly. It is imperative that we set the tone that AAERT-certified CERs and CETS are qualified, well-trained, highly skilled workers who have integrity and a devotion to the work that they do. 

I used to always say to my kids, “Don’t let fear dictate your future.” Some people are afraid of change, but we have nothing to be afraid of with the changes we are seeing in our industry. The changes are opportunities. AAERT needs to capitalize on those opportunities and dictate the future. Let’s embrace new ideas, new technologies, new opportunities!

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